Voting will go as follows:
Each clan member will get to vote.
Based on their generation/flags their vote will count more.
3rd Gen: 6 pts
4th Gen: 3 pts
5th Gen: 2 pts
6th Gen: 1 pts

Prince: +3 pts
Sire : +1 pts (sire is referred to as a normal sire by Netosia)

Bite a new member in: 33 pts, minimum 7 members vote, at least one 3rd gen votes.
Cast out an existing member: 50 pts, minimum 7 members voting, at least two 3rd gens vote.

The vote totals are the sum of, thus if 9 ppl vote, and there are only 32pts positive, they do not get voted in.
NO ONE under 3001 across will be accepted unless they are 7th gen. No exceptions, for new members.